Friday, December 7, 2007

Press Release - Japan Buddhist Community Tour Lead By Venerable Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa

Press Release
Japan Buddhist Community Tour
Lead By Venerable Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa
Sasana Moli International Burmese Buddhist Monks Organization

December 7-18, 2007

We hereby issue our appeal and position regarding the on-going repression and crack-down on the people of Myanmar and monastic community by military government.

(1) We strongly condemn and deplore the repression upon Burma’s monks, nuns and laymen who have participated in the peaceful protests, and suffered tragic loss of life and bloodshed in September, 2007, and on-going repression on the monastic community and people by the military regime.

(2) From the creditable reports from Burma, we have learnt that military government imposed very severe travel restrictions to monks, banned public relief efforts and community services such as free schools and educating the children by Buddhist monks. We strongly condemn such mean and destructive repressions which are not conducive for the wellbeing of its own people.

(3) We appeal to military leaders to immediately cease all hostile acts of repression and start genuine political reformation by inclusive dialogue in order to serve the best long-term interest of people of Burma and the national wellbeing.

(4) It is self-evident and undeniable truth that Burma's people have been suffering for such a long time during a succession of abusive military regimes and under the cycle of oppression and mismanagement. No nation in the world had ever achieved, nor can achieve, the desired prosperity and progress under repression or repressive rule. It is in the best interest of the military regime and people to start positive process of mutual love, compassion and a common desire for the progress.

(5) We are in no way interfering in the affairs of Burma’s politics, however, as an act of compassion and goodwill, expressing our heart-felt position and beneficial input for the suffering brothers and sisters of Burma.

Ven Pannya Vamsa
Contact Phone in Japan: (080)3525-7099
:: Japanese, English, Burmese

Symposium Schedule:

12/08/07 Nagoya, Sonenji Main Hall (Atsuda-ku)
12/09/07 Kyoto, Campus Plaza- Kyoto 4F, Hall 3 (Near Kyoto Station)
12/10/07 Osaka, Campus Port Osaka Hall D&E (Near Osaka Station)
12/11/07 Tokyo, Rengo Sohyo Kaikan (Chiyoda-ku) : Scheduled Press Conference
12/12/07 Tokyo, Tsukiji Hongwanji Rehaido (Chuo-ku)
12/13/07 Aichi, Mikawa Anjo City Hotel (Anjo-shi)
12/15/07 Yokohama religious service
12/16/07 Tokyo Public Meetings

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