Friday, January 4, 2008

Peace Walk & Prayer Service - 60th Anniversary of Burma's Independence

Dear Friend,
The International Burmese Monks Organization (UK), Sasana Ramsi Buddhist Vihara and Pray for Freedom Volunteers would like to invite you to join us for a Peace Walk & Prayer Service to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Burma's Independence.
Please join us if you can...

Although there is very little news from Burma , 50 million Burmese continue to suffer from a lack of human rights and democracy.
Your support is needed for Burma , whether you are an individual or an organisation. Even if you or your friends can not attend the event, please forward this information to increase Burma awareness, and so that the world will not forget the Burmese people.
Thank you so much in anticipation.
U Uttara,
Secretary for
the International Burmese Monks Organization ( UK )
Add: Sasana Ramsi Buddhist Vihara
83, Booth Street Colindale
NW9 5 JU
Pray for Freedom Volunteers
Please join us for the
Peace Walk from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square
Prayers Service at Trafalgar Square
Saturday, 5th of January 2008
The Prayer Service will be led by
The International Burmese Monks Organization ( UK )
Supported by Pray for Freedom Volunteers
v Meet at 11:30am at Marble Arch Hard standing (Tube: Central line to Marble Arch then exit 3)
v Begin Peace Walk led by monks at 12:30pm
v Arrive at Trafalgar square at approximately 2pm for the Prayer Service led by Buddhist monks (Nearest tube station Charing Cross )
v Guest speakers will address the participants and close the service at approximately 3pm
Burma: Independence Day
It is now 60 years since Burma gained independence from Britain on the 4th January 1948. We raised our national flag and our ancestors looked forward to rebuilding the country as an independent nation. 60 years on there is very little to celebrate on this Independence Day when over 50 million people continue to be repressed by the military junta. There have been several major uprisings; 1962, 1974, and 1988, and the most recent peace protest led by monks in September 2007. Each of these uprisings has faced a brutal crackdown by the military government and thousands of people were killed as a result.
For many Burmese people “ Independencehas become meaningless. The dissidents are imprisoned, including our pro-democracy leader and Noble Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Monks and student activists have been detained and tortured, ethic minorities have been killed, and tens of thousands of people have fled to neighbouring countries to escape the military's harsh rule and repression. Despite all of the difficulties and poverty, Burmese people are independent, resourceful and determined to create a peaceful, stable and modern nation. Burma has overcome many setbacks, suffering and buffeting by a host of known and unknown enemies which has made the people stronger. Our people have courage, fortitude and an unbending determination for FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE once more and for real. There is no reason to celebrate Burma 's Independence Day, but there are many reasons to fight for freedom.
The Peace Walk & Prayer Service on the 5th January is intended to raise Burma awareness in order to make the world know that BURMA is still suffering from a lack of freedom and basic human rights. We must not forget that over 50 million Burmese people do not have the freedom to walk along street and speak the TRUTH.
It is our responsibility to show solidarity and to use our freedom to support BURMA .

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