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PRESS RELEASE - 2/2007 - Sasana Moli’s Patron Sayadaw U Kovida’s Upcoming Visit to the West Coast

Sasana Moli’s Patron Sayadaw U Kovida’s Upcoming Visit to the West Coast

Dated - 26th November 2007

(1) Sayadaw U Kovida (Patron of Sasana Moli) will accept an Honorary Degree from University of San Francisco on behalf of Burmese Buddhist Monks in Burma and "give voice" to the monks by delivering a Commencement Address to the graduate students on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 3:30 pm in Saint Ignatius Church on the USF Campus.

(2) The Honorary Degree honors all the monks in Burma for their courage and discipline shown in the nonviolent demonstration against the repressive Burmese military regime and for their undaunted spirit in upholding the Noble Teachings.

(3) Sayadaw U Kovida is one of the highly respected senior monks expounding the Dhamma (teachings of Buddha). He has written numerous treatises (textbooks and reference books) that are studied by the monks – especially those aspiring to be Dhammacariya (Dhamma lecturers) and has taught courses to the monks for more than 50 years. He is 81 years young with full devotion to the well-being of Sasana and the monks of Burma who are upholding the Noble Teachings. Sayadaw is considered thus as the direct or indirect teacher of all the young monks in Burma.

(4) Before he left Burma in late 90s, Sayadaw was the Chief Resident Sayadaw and Patron of the most respected and famous "Masoeyein" (literally meaning "Freedom from fear and worries") monastery where monks from all over Burma come to study the Buddhist scriptures and take courses and examinations in religious studies culminating in Dhammacariya. In 1990, Sayadaw was unjustly imprisoned for three years by the Burmese regime for leading the Religious Sanction (“Boycott of Sangha”) to the junta for the regime’s injustice and brutality towards the Burmese people.

(5) In September 2007, Burmese monks staged peaceful protest chanting Metta Sutta and protective verses on the street and at the pagodas, but they were attacked and tortured by soldiers and their cronies. When the monks in Burma decided to conduct "Boycott of Sangha" – in accordance with the Vinaya rules (monastic rules of conduct) -- to the Burmese regime, Sayadaw followed the call of the monks. After the regime’s brutal crackdown on the monks, Masoeyein Sayadaw U Kovida and other senior monks outside Burma stood together in solidarity with the Burmese Buddhist monks in Burma to support and to continue the struggle of the fellow monks by forming Sasana Moli -- an "International Burmese Monks Association" -- at the end of October 2007. (See an earlier press release for the formation and principle of Sasana Moli).

(6) Sayadaw U Kovida and his fellow Burmese monks are now traveling across the globe as the representatives of the International Burmese Monks Association in solidarity with all the Burmese monks inside and outside Burma to give light to ignorant minds and to raise the awareness and support of the struggle of Burmese monks and the people towards the freedom of religion, peace and prosperity of democratic global civil society.

(7) During his visit to west coast of USA, Sayadaw will give speeches and answer questions from the concerned & interested public -- Burmese or non-Burmese, Buddhist or non-Buddhist -- on the struggle of Burmese monks to free Burma from the oppressive military regime.

(8) We will be welcoming interested persons and organization to be able to be part of our sponsoring and supporting community of this current tour of Sasana Moli Association in the west coast into a success.

(9) We will be updating of Sayadaw's schedule and events of interest. Please contact – with the attention to the following persons on behalf of this press release.

Ashin Gunissara, Dhammajoti Vihara, Los Angeles, CA (
Ashin Nanika, Mettananda Vihara, Fremont, CA (
Ashin Osadha, Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, CA (
Maung Yit, MoeMaKa Burmese News & Media, San Francisco, CA (

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