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Statement & Principle of SASANA MOLI announced

Statement & Principle of SASANA MOLI announced
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November 11. 2007

Many fear that the Sasana -- whose highlights included the Fifth Buddhist Council in Mandalay, and the Sixth Buddhist Council at Kaba Aye [World Peace] Pagoda in Rangoon in 1954 - 56 celebrating the 2500 years since Buddha's mahaparinibbana -- might not last long, let alone 5000 years [as commonly envisaged].

The monks within Burma requested help from the monks overseas to find ways to preserve the Sasana. In response, the monks who were in Los Angeles, California, to celebrate the "50 years of sasana work by Penang Sayadaw U Pannavamsa", decided to form SASANA MOLI, INTERNATIONAL BURMESE MONKS ORGANIZATION, INC.

Moemaka has published several directives/statements (in Burmese) by SASANA MOLI. They include:

Proclamation of the formation of SASANA MOLI

Founded on October 27, 2007 in Los Angeles, Southern California, USA


Masoyane Sayadaw U Kavidabhimvamsa


Penang Sayadaw U Pannavamsa


U Vilasa (New York)


U Ottara (England),

U Khemasara (Yahanpyo Samagga),

U Gunissara (California)

Information Officers:

U Pannananda (New York),

U Nanikabhivamsa (California),

U Kusala (Indiana),

U Pannajota (California)


U Sondra (California),

U Nandavamsa (Taiwan),

U Nandasiri (Canada)


U Eicariya (New York),

U Candobasa,

U Visuta (England)


- Propagation of the sasana (Buddha's teachings)

- Publication of the Buddha Dhamma literature

- To prevent dangerous actions that can harm and impair the sasana

- To protect the sasana and the well-being of the monks

- To collaborate with the various international multi-faith organizations on projects [of mutual interest]

- To strive for the benefit -- physical and mental happiness -- of all the citizens of the world

Appeal to the sanghas, the armed forces personnel, and the general public in Burma

Help work towards the following:

- Unconditional release of all monks being detained and/or sent to Yebet (slave labor) camps

- True statements about the deaths of the monks (including names and the events leading to the deaths)

- Rebuttal of the defamatory remarks made towards the monks

- Prevent coercing the Sangha Mahanayaka sayadaws to proclaim "unlawful" (adhmma) laws

- Retreat of armed forces personnel from pagodas and monastries

- Adherence to the teachings of the sayadaws by the ward and village administrator

- Peace and prosperity of every town and village (in Burma)

- Awareness to the young soldiers and "swan ar shins" that "killing monks" is an unpardonable crime leading to hell

- Prevention of harm to the sanghas who have participated and/or still participating in the "tabeik hmauk kan saung" (turn the alms bowl in accordance with the Vinaya rules)

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